Satinder Tiwana M. Gill, Educator and Language Coach

Our children are losing touch with the finer aspects of reading and writing and one finds it hard to pin the blame on one thing in particular! Reading for pleasure takes them beyond the confines of their digital world and that is imperative as they tend to lose interest in ‘communication’, the kind that sits at the core of relationships, and our connect with everything around us. It is rightly said that ‘no man is an island’ ! Imaan helps us step out of the stereotypical moulds of our community and presents hilarious and wry situations in a way that is not seen as a ‘charade’ by the reader, while turning the pages. He manages to create an instant ‘connect’ that goes past age, gender, and other seemingly redundant barriers. Get your copy and encourage your friends, family, and acquaintances to do the same! Bravo, young man!

Sugith Varughese, Award-winning film/TV scriptwriter/director and actor in CBC’s Kim’s Convenience and CTV’s Transplant 

Imaan Gill has written a wise and funny book filled with wacky yet recognizable characters in a world you know or will want to know. Even though it’s aimed at the teen audience, I loved it.

Nav Dhillon, Parent

My 11 year old loves the book! It’s her fave book of all time! I can’t wait to read it! 🙂

Anju Malhotra, Singer and Film Producer

Very amusing book! I burst into laughter so many times and it made me feel like one of the characters in the book. A must read for all ages.

Sukhi Bagga, University Student

This book is so charming, sarcastic and relatable in one! Imaan Gill does a great job at depicting the lives of Browntowneers.

Kuldeep Goliee, Parent

Browntown Diaries is a very interesting read. Imaan’s writing keeps the reader engaged. It’s very relatable and reader feels like this is his/her own story. Our whole family, including our young adults, enjoyed the book very much.

Ravi Hooda, Parent

A refreshingly honest humorous book which tickles the funny bone and is filled with incidents everyone can relate to. “Browntown Diaries” is a teenager’s perspective of environment around him with a funny twist written very creatively. The author Imaan Gill deserves praise for his efforts in coming out with a book which appeals to all ages. Would recommend everyone to read it. Great work young man! Looking forward to your next one.

Kiran, Teenager (11)

“Browntown Diaries is a wonderful book! I can relate to the book in many different ways. I would recommend it to everyone who likes funny books.”

Suraj, Teenager (13)

“Browntown Diaries is an extremely well-written book and quite relatable. There are many hilarious jokes along the way and it’s quite frank about how kids think about their families.”

Nirmol Singh, Teenager (12)

Totally relatable. A complete laugh riot!

Hansdip Bindra, Parent

The “almost teenager” at home couldn’t stop laughing while reading the book. A must read for every kid and adult in Browntown or any town celebrating the immigrant experience. 

Akshay Varma, Actor | Teenager (12)

LOL! Totally funny! Can’t wait for the movie!”

Karan Character Portrait